Opening new horizons with the people and receiving complaints
Opening new horizons with the people and receiving complaints

Brigadier General Abdullah Khalifa Al-Jeeran, Deputy Governor of Muharraq Governorate, confirmed that the National System for Suggestions and Complaints "continues" to open new horizons in communicating with residents and residents, as the governorate received during the months of September and October (123) an email message that varied between proposals, notes and social services. ...


The Deputy Governor praised the desire of citizens and residents to communicate with the governorate through all its electronic platforms, stressing that the Muharraq Governorate considers the people and residents as partners in the development of the homeland and the services provided by all government agencies, whether through proposals and notes or other means of communication, stressing that the (Tawasul) program is considered A quantum leap in saving time and effort, and a guarantee of service quality and response speed.

Tawasul service is available through the national portal or through the Tawasul app, which can be downloaded through the e-government store

It is worth noting that “Tawasul” works around the clock to deal with any suggestions, inquiries or complaints related to the joining government agencies. mechanism.

The Deputy Governor indicated that Muharraq Governorate welcomes all suggestions and observations, whether through the communication program or through the maintenance platforms on official communication sites.