Stopping the livelihood of expatriates families in these areas
Stopping the livelihood of expatriates families in these areas

The citizens of the Al-Omariya area put forward a list of the basic demands before the deputies of the fourth district, who will succeed in reaching the Abdullah Al-Salem dome, the most prominent of which is finding permanent solutions to the problems of traffic congestion at the entrances and exits of the area, and re-asphalting its dilapidated streets. ...


In statements to Al-Rai, a number of the region’s citizens wished to work diligently and diligently to find serious solutions to the problem of massively penetrating families of expatriates and bachelors in the region, fleeing from the bachelors of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh who moved in large numbers to the Farwaniya area, demanding the need to accelerate the establishment of new labor cities It accommodates singles in the Jleeb and Hasawi regions, after moving to the model areas, as is the case now.

Abdullah Al-Ajmi requested that the necessary maintenance be carried out for the power lines network that feeds the region, in order to avoid recurring electrical outages in the region last summer. He said, "In the last year, the Al-Omariya area began to lose its privacy as a model area, especially after the increase in the number of expatriate families who inhabited the area after the ban on the Farwaniya area was lifted."

Saad Al-Harmal pointed out the need to work on completing the specialized clinics in the Al-Omariya dispensary to relieve the pressure on Al-Farwaniyah Hospital, which is crowded with hundreds of visitors daily from various regions of the Al-Farwaniyah Governorate, pointing out that the dispensary was suffering from an eternal problem and still is that the dispensary was closed at the weekend.

Al-Harmal added, "The problem of the dispensary is no longer limited to this matter, as the problem of closing the dispensary in the evening period and limiting work and receiving patients during the morning period only has been added, and this matter must be quickly reconsidered for the benefit of the people of the Omariya area."