authorities mourn the death of an official resident of Sharjah
authorities mourn the death of an official resident of Sharjah

Employees and former students of the Indian Curriculum School Delhi Private School (DPS) Sharjah mourn the death of its founding principal, Abha Sejal, who passed away on Wednesday 28 October.


Dinesh Kothari, Vice Chairman and Managing Director at DPS Sharjah and DPS Dubai, said that Seagal, a former UAE resident, has been his patient for more than two years.

 The teacher was the Director of DPS Sharjah from 2000 to 2008.

“A teacher of over 37 years, Sehgal must have retired in 2016. She returned to DPS Academy in 2014-15 to meet with parents and address teachers,” Kothari said.

"She was an amazing individual. She was very humble and understood her students and staff very well. Mrs. Abha made up about 60 percent of the current senior leadership of DPS Sharjah."

Sehgal started teaching at DPS RK Puran in New Delhi, India in 1980. In 2000, she moved to UAE to take charge of DPS Sharjah and left for Sanskriti School in Chanakyapuri Delhi in 2008.

Although years have passed since she left Sharjah School, her former students can still vividly remember how she was a teacher. Many of them took to social media to honor them.

"The sight of her smiling face greeting us every morning, as we arrived in buses with sleeping heads, is something that I will always remember," said Jarema Himthani, a former student.

"She was a warm and generous lady. A huge loss for the DPS family," wrote Sedante Shodan.

Agam Agarwal said: “She has been the mainstay and role model for every student and teacher at DPS schools. I offer my condolences to her family. "

Kothari added that Seagal has clearly affected the lives of her students. "Whether here or in India, any student that Mrs. Abha has taught will remember her as someone who played a major role in his formative years. I recently met a gentleman who had been her student at DPS RK Puram several years ago. He still remembers her fondly."

The DPS Sharjah website shared messages of condolence that read: “Dear Abha, you will always be a handprint in our hearts. Your warmth, your inspiring words, and your inspiring words will continue to reach us across miles.” She survived her husband, two children, and grandchildren.