Death of a Pakistani doctor in Abu Dhabi
Death of a Pakistani doctor in Abu Dhabi

Dr. Muhammad Uthman, a Pakistani resident in the United Arab Emirates for about 12 years, died in Abu Dhabi from corona virus after being infected while treating a patient and burying him Monday night in the Emirates.

The Pakistani ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Ghulam Dastghir, confirmed the news and offered his condolences to the family. He said that the family was keen to return the body of the deceased to his homeland, but because of the restrictions imposed on the transfer of the people who died from Corona, the deceased was buried here in the Emirates.

Dr. Khan said: "He was in hospital for 10 days but was ventilated on the last day and left his wife and two children who will have to return to Pakistan now."

"He was the kind of person who shared happiness with others but he dealt with his problems on his own. We were neighbors and friends of the family but he didn't even tell me about the financial challenges he was going through. After the losses in the hospital he joined a clinic where he contracted an infection from a patient, and he was Mainly deals with workers at the clinic. "

Dr. Othman has been very close when it comes to serving humanity and society here in the UAE as well as in Pakistan.

Dr. Othman said that he was from a remote area of ​​Pakistan, but he was taking part once or twice every year to serve the people.