Death of 4 months baby in Egypt
Death of 4 months baby in Egypt

According to the report, the wife lied to her husband after a disagreement with him, and left the house with her eldest son, saying that she would buy a grocery. Instead, she went to her parents' house.

On the other hand, the husband went to work, which made him stay away from home for a week or more.

When he returned, he found that the child was dead.

According to the seventh day, the accident occurred in Qalyubia, when the 28-year-old father and the 24-year-old mother abandoned their child Anas for nine days.

Both were arrested and both parents were arrested.


He reported the matter to the police and accused the mother of abandoning the child.

The mother said she thought the child was with his father, who left the apartment thinking she would return, but she did not.