Death an Indian father at Ras Al Khaimah airport
Death an Indian father at Ras Al Khaimah airport

An Indian father was on his way to Kerala to congratulate his son on his cleansing of the tenth grade with flying colors that collapsed and died at Ras Al Khaimah airport on Tuesday.

Social worker Shaji Kayakudi said that Pavitran Manchal, 50 years old:

"He was thrilled that his son recorded an increase in all subjects in the Kerala State Council results released on Tuesday and he was sad that he could not bear the boy's gift to a mobile phone and the fact that he died even before reaching home is a tragedy."

"He lost his job three months ago and we are in Chethana we were trying to bring him back home and his passport was renewed a week ago and we helped him with ticket money to travel home," Kayakudi said.

According to him, the charter flight was supposed to take off from Ras Al-Khaimah at 11:30 pm on Tuesday and Manchal arrived at the airport at 6:30 pm.

"He called me after he arrived at the airport, so I waited in the parking lot to say goodbye to him. I went back because he didn't answer my calls. Just at night I heard he died at the airport, Kayakudi said before boarding.

"I spoke to his neighbors and friends back home, they said that his wife borrowed money to receive him from the airport," Manchal said.