A statement regarding the return of air traffic at Kuwait International Airport and commercial operation, whether departure or arrival.



 The Director of Operations Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation at Kuwait International Airport, Mansour Al Hashimi, said:

 "We are waiting for the zero hour to start operating flights, according to the schedule and plans that have been put in place by the Supreme Committee, which includes several government agencies, but so far we are awaiting official instructions by the cabinet and health authorities, and no date has been set for the operation of the airport, But we have 3 stages that were determined according to the committee formed by the Council of Ministers, which includes several relevant authorities, and developed a complete scenario for each stage, but we are awaiting approval to work on it according to a timetable. "

He continued:

 "Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic problem in January, there has been harmony between the Civil Aviation Administration and the World Health Organization, where the circulars arriving and related to the Arab and Middle East perimeters from the movement of air and airports are viewed, where WHO procedures have been activated to inventory, contain and restrict the disease." In areas where it is rampant, and that Kuwait International Airport was fully prepared, and took the highest levels of health precautions and conditions to prevent the outbreak of the disease, and to ensure that flights and passengers are dealt with high accuracy, by providing thermal inspection devices and medical kits at the arrival gates, and to prevent passengers from endemic countries From entering the country, which contributed to curbing the spread of the virus, and preventing it from infiltrating the country through the airport, especially since the airport is considered the main gateway to Kuwait with the world ».