Sheikh Mohammed bin rashid and Sheikh Mohammed bin zayed
Sheikh Mohammed bin rashid and Sheikh Mohammed bin zayed

A senior official said a new screening facility at Dubai-Abu Dhabi border that would provide Covid-19 test results within five minutes would only accept families at the moment.


Abdullah Rushdie, a spokesman for Tamouh Healthcare, a medical company run by the Abu Dhabi government and responsible for managing the new test center, said:

 "The testing facility is currently only available to families. Women can also benefit from the test."

Rushdie said arrangements would be made to accept the entire population "within a few days".

Since Tuesday, hundreds have appeared in the tent located before the Ghantoot border checkpoint near the main highway for a test that costs only 50 dirhams.

Anyone who wants to enter Abu Dhabi should produce a negative Covid-19 test result, and a PCR test available at other health centers costs about Dh370.

 The authorities announced last week the new laser-based test, which is faster and cheaper, to facilitate travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

"We are building a new tent to meet the needs of families exclusively, and we hope that it will be ready by tomorrow, then the current tent will start receiving other residents who wish to take the test," Al-Rashdi said.

The official said that the online application system would be launched by Wednesday evening and residents would be asked to set advance dates before attending the center.