Parliament sessions
Parliament sessions

The House of Representatives approved the continuation of the sessions remotely, after controversy and discussion about the proposal submitted by Deputy Dr. Ali Al-Nuaimi to hold the parliament sessions in the hall naturally with the application of the spacing.


Speaker Fawzia Zainal said that the General Secretariat circulated to all deputies the opinion of the Supreme Council of Health, which suggested holding the sessions remotely. Noting that the pandemic imposed a move away from the hall, to which we will return, God willing, and the manner of holding the session does not diminish the sincerity of your intentions.

Zainal said, "I am responsible before God to preserve your health and the health of the workers in the council, so we must adhere to directing the health authorities and adhere to better health procedures."

In turn, the presenter of the proposal, Dr. Ali Al-Nuaimi, objected to the intervention of the President of the Council, saying: “You do not have the right to impose an opinion and express an opinion on the presidential stage.”

Al-Nuaimi continued his intervention, "I submitted a legal memorandum regarding the necessity of taking the opinion of the council in the mechanism of holding the sessions and taking the opinion of the medical team on a single action from the presidency, and the opinion of the medical team is not binding, but rather a proposal from the Supreme Council of Health."

MP Adel Al-Asoumi interfered: "We must abide by the directives of the Bahrain team and the medical team, and we must set an example for citizens in the importance of separation and non-mixing and establishing cooperation between the two authorities."

MP Ahmed Al-Ansari rejected the proposal, and said: I suffer from asthma and I am afraid for my soul and I cannot attend according to the current situation.

As for MP Hamad Al-Kooheji, he commented: "We are with the health measures, but our speech is not delivered correctly and the voice arrives intermittently, and the remote sessions do not achieve real representation."

In turn, the Minister of Two Councils Affairs, Ghanem Al-Buainain, commented: “The government will not hesitate to attend whenever the health authorities see that the situation allows the sessions to be held in a normal situation.