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The Ministry of Health announced in a statement issued all the requirements for barber and beauty shops in Bahrain as a precaution

The Ministry of Health has announced all requirements for barber and beauty shops.

The ministry indicated that 20 minutes should be left between each appointment in order for the worker to be able to sterilize well the tools and equipment, and replace personal protective equipment.

She stressed that the attendance of clients must be with the appointment only, and it is prohibited to attend without an appointment.

She continued: "While taking the appointment to the customer, the salon must take the following information during the previous 14 days. Do you suffer or have any of these symptoms: high temperature, coughing, fatigue and fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of smell, loss of feeling Tasting, congestion in the throat, did you mix with someone suffering from these symptoms or was he diagnosed? He suffers from Corona covid 19, and does she live with anyone under home quarantine?

She said that if yes, the salon should refrain from booking the appointment for the customer.

And she stressed the necessity of providing a thermometer to measure the temperature for customers and employees daily and in the event of any worker or customer having a temperature of 37.5 or more, he should leave the salon immediately and call 444 and cancel his appointment and leave any customer showing symptoms related to the coved 19.

And she continued: "A daily record is required for all customers, in which the customer's name, contact number and time of visit are written, and a day is kept for 30 days from the date of the visit, while leaving a distance of two meters between each customer at all times."

She stressed the necessity of canceling the waiting areas and removing chairs and magazines from the salon. In the event that the customer arrives early before the appointment, he must remain outside the salon or in his private vehicle until he is called to start the work of the service required for him.

She stressed that all workers are required to wear gloves and masks all the time, and they must be replaced after every customer or if they are damaged or contaminated.

She said: "Workers must use a face shield for services that require direct contact with the customer from the material, and a face shield should be sterilized after each customer using an alcohol disinfectant whose concentration is not less than 70% in alcoholic.

She emphasized that customers should wear gloves and masks, and the possibility of removing them if certain services are provided (mask removal for shaving services, removal of facial hair and removal of gloves for manicure services).

She stressed that it is necessary to refrain from eating and drinking inside the store for the customers and they can bring their own water bottles only, while the workers should be eating and drinking in a room designated for that.

Health requirements to be met in salons and barber and beauty shops.

And workers should wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds, after every customer or on contact with the face, or when replacing gloves.

She stressed the necessity to take into account the availability of good ventilation for the salon and increase the external ventilation by opening windows or doors and using aspirated fans.

She said that an alcoholic sterilizer with a concentration of no less than 70% of the alcoholic substance should be used, and to register for electronic payment of bills.

She stressed that showers, health baths, saunas, and steam rooms must be closed, stressing that periodic inspections will be carried out on all stores by the relevant government agencies to ensure compliance with health requirements.

And she continued: "Any salon that cannot provide any of the required health conditions must close and not reopen."

"The salons are not allowed to provide services at home," she said.

She emphasized that the following services are prohibited:

Facial and skin treatments

Drying hair using the "dryer" electric dryer.

Treatments that require the use of an electric dryer such as "Keratin, Brazilian Keratin, Protein, and others".

Hair removal with strands


Spa services such as massages, Moroccan baths, Turkish baths and any kind of health spa.

Henna engraving and engraving services


Tanning services

Eyelashes installation

Installing rechargeable hair extensions.

Regarding each service, she said:

In the event of cutting hair, it should

Women are required to wash their hair in the salon. For men, it is sufficient to wet the hair using a water mist.

Use single-use napkin to dry the hair if necessary.

Wet hair should be cut to avoid hair particles flying through the air.

Replace fabric aprons with single-use, paper or plastic apron.

As for shaving, the following must be done:

Only use single-use blades and dispose of them after each customer.

Disinfecting shaving machines using an alcohol sterilizer that is not less than the alcoholic substance before and after each use.

As for hair dye, the following must be done:

Using hair dye with only one customer.

The use of single-use aprons made of paper or plastic instead of fabric aprons.

As for waxing or sweetening services, the following should be done:

To prevent the occurrence of contamination, the amount of wax or sweetness must be prepared to use one at a time and not to prepare a large amount.

Using single-use tools (cloth, wood sticks) and others.

The container should be filled with wax or sweet enough to use one customer.

Wax or sweet pots should be cleaned and sterilized after each use.

As for the body care and manicure services, it confirmed the necessity of the following:

- Customers should wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol sterilizer that has a concentration of no less than 70% of the alcoholic substance before and after serving the manicure.

Customers must wash their feet before making a pedicure using a sterilizer with a concentration of no less than 70% of the alcohol.

Customers must wear masks while making the pedicure