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Conditions for a license to expatriate teachers in Kuwait
icense to expatriate teachers in Kuwait

Kuwaiti government sources revealed 3 conditions for issuing a new market license for foreign teachers working in private schools.

The sources said regarding teachers working in private schools, they are subject to a monthly salary of no less than 600 dinars, obtaining a university degree, and legal residency in the country that has passed for at least two years.
Circular No. 69 on 2020 called on directors of departments in the six governorates, heads of market licenses departments, and all employees of the Market Licenses Department to abide by Ministerial Resolution No. 270 of 2020 regarding amending some provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 81 on 1976, and the executive regulations of the Traffic Law on the excluded groups from Conditional on the length of stay and salary stipulated in Paragraph D, Clause No. 8, which provides for workers in government agencies, who are researchers of all names, legal scholars, translators, teachers, social workers, librarians, imams and muezzins.