taking "Covid 19" vaccine
taking "Covid 19" vaccine

Lieutenant Colonel Manaf Al-Qahtani, a consultant in infectious diseases at the Military Hospital, a member of the national medical team to deal with the Coronavirus «Covid 19» confirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain continues to harness all capabilities in order to preserve the health and safety of everyone in accordance with the best global health practices, indicating that Bahrain is within its paths to deal with the pandemic Corona virus has intensified preventive efforts to enhance proactive health security by continuously monitoring global developments with experiences related to vaccines and developing plans to provide safe and approved vaccine easily and easily for all citizens and residents.


Al-Qahtani added that vaccines are an effective method based on scientific methodological foundations aimed at preventing diseases in general and controlling their causes, and there are many vaccines that have proven their worth in the face of many infectious diseases, indicating that the approved "Covid 19" vaccine does not differ from the rest of the vaccines for other diseases. It contributes to the development of the body's immune response by preventing or controlling the infection as well as strengthening the immune system through the safe formation of antibodies, as the immune system when taking the vaccine recognizes the virus as soon as it enters the body and begins to produce antibodies to protect the body by working with defense Normal body.

Al-Qahtani called on all citizens and residents over the age of 18 to register to take the vaccine to protect themselves and the entire community, as part of the national vaccination plan, which aims to reach 10 thousand vaccinations per day through 28 medical centers, stressing that community awareness of the importance of taking the vaccine and urging everyone to take it is necessary in This stage of dealing with the virus in a way that supports national efforts to address the Coronavirus, for prevention is better than treatment and the national responsibility of every individual in society necessitates its continuation by adhering to the precautionary measures within the established plans, within which the vaccination comes as a preventive measure.

Al-Qahtani noted that the National Authority for Regulating Professions and Health Services spares no effort in reviewing all aspects of registering vaccines and permitting their use after studying, reviewing and evaluating the data on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines in accordance with the necessary procedures stipulated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, stressing that the concerned authorities continue to review the developments of vaccines related to the virus. Corona to continue developing the treatment protocol in the Kingdom.

Al-Qahtani mentioned that the "Covid 19" vaccine produced by the Chinese company Sinopharm, which was officially registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is safe and has proven effective during the various stages of clinical trials of the vaccine. The results of the third phase of these experiments showed the effectiveness of the vaccine by 86% against infection with the Coronavirus, and 100%. As a prevention rate for moderate or severe cases.