General Administration of Civil Defense
General Administration of Civil Defense

Brigadier General Ali Muhammad Al-Houti, Director General of the General Administration of Civil Defense, stressed the need to continue societal efforts to limit the spread of the Corona virus, through intensive turnout on the volunteering platform, as it is a national act that stems from the motive of loyalty and belonging to the homeland and embodies social responsibility in its most wonderful form, adding that Volunteering is one of the pillars of security work, and is based on the principle of community partnership. ...


He pointed out that the Civil Defense is continuing its efforts in training volunteers and preparing them to actively participate in the sterilization and precautionary disinfection work for vital facilities and sites in various governorates, noting that teams from the public and private sectors carry out cleansing operations in their facilities in addition to other teams that carry out professional cleansing operations, in support For civil defense teams to do their job.

It is worth noting that about 365 training courses were held, and about 2,199 employees of ministries and private sector companies were trained, in addition to 6007 volunteers through the national platform for volunteering, on sterilization and precautionary disinfection in various facilities and facilities, and work is underway to train the largest possible number in a school Civil Defense, in addition to seeking assistance from civil defense centers in various governorates. Approximately 858 cadres of the Sunni and Ja`fari endowments have also been trained, and evening training courses will be organized, in order to increase the effectiveness of the training work and absorb the largest number of volunteers.

It is also indicated to coordinate with the Ministry of Health to train specialized cleaning companies on sterilization and precautionary disinfection and to put the names of these companies on the Ministry of Health website to benefit from them for local demand.

The Director General of the General Administration of Civil Defense stated that the training and preparation operations are carried out according to an intensive training program that has been carefully prepared and aims to enhance awareness by following the preventive rules, during sterilization operations and how to deal with the materials used, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, the Health Professions Regulatory Authority and the Supreme Council for the Environment .