closing of nurseries
closing of nurseries

 The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Affairs, Abdulaziz Shuaib, revealed yesterday that there has been coordination with the Ministries of Education and Health to issue a circular to continue disrupting work in it, confirming that this approach is based on the directives of the health authorities, especially that education in it is sensory and does not apply to the concept of distance education.


The nursery owners were received to update their information and on the reason for updating the private nurseries data, Shuaib explained:

"We have more than 500 nurseries, and we have to rearrange and process this file, as the administration that was established in 2019 has been automated to operate a system that contains all the data of the licensed nurseries in coordination with the Civil Information Authority, the workforce and the competent authorities."

 The Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development, Hana Al-Hajri, confirmed, "In the event that a nursery license expires in a residential plot with other nurseries exceeding the permissible number, which is two private and one for people with special needs, the license will not be renewed, and staying in the place will be for the oldest."

Al-Hajri stated that «the affairs have restricted all nurseries on the ground by linking them to automated numbers, and is working on setting up an automated information base through which it can conduct all special operations through an automated system, hoping that there will be a link with the competent authorities such as the Kuwait Municipality, Health, Education, Interior and Firefighting to facilitate Nursery owners ».