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A Chinese official clarifies the reality of the "new" Hanta virus, which has spread many news on social media

"According to World Health Organization data, scientists discovered in the early 1970s the Hanta virus. For decades, cases of Hanta virus have appeared in different countries and regions in The world, as scientists have developed some effective vaccines against it. "
 A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Cairo, Jiao Jinxian, described what was circulated on social media by discovering a new virus (Hanta) in his country as pure nonsense, denying in a statement issued today accusations that China spread this virus, considering that promoting it in the period facing Where the world the new corona virus increases the panic and mislead people.
"On the issue of viruses, everyone should follow the correct guidelines, be careful and follow up on what is issued by the World Health Organization, which cannot be politicized or stigmatized," he said, calling on everyone "at this critical stage to combat the epidemic of pneumonia caused by the new Corona virus, because these rumors Provocative will only increase panic and mislead the public, and will not help countries to combat the epidemic of pneumonia caused by the new Corona virus. "

For his part, Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Li Minggang announced that the Hanta virus is not a cause for concern as it is an old disease that does not spread between humans and can be controlled because it has a vaccine and vaccination, as Kuwaiti reports stated.

It is noteworthy that China recorded the death of the "Hanta" virus, which is spread by rodents, on Monday, to a man in Yunnan Province, on his way back to Shandong Province.