Chinese expats
Chinese expats

Li Shuhang, Consul General of China in Dubai, said the UAE and China have entered a "golden age" as Chinese expatriates in the UAE from long-term residents to those who have just moved can feel the strength of the ties between their home country and their second home.


As they celebrate Chinese National Day today, they praised the way the UAE has always made them feel welcome.

Dewan Wei, Director of Beijing Tung Ren Tang, has been in the country for 27 years, and for him, the UAE was a "wonderful place to live."

"The United Arab Emirates and China are strategic partners, and I feel that the relationship is now stronger than ever," Diwan said.

"The infrastructure in the Emirates is world-class and tolerance is one of the core values ​​of society. Many people of different nationalities live here. This is my home now and life is very comfortable here."

With the opening of the first Chinese school in Dubai last month, Chinese teachers are also starting to experiment with life in the United Arab Emirates and say it is "further than they expected".

Yin Liping, founding director of the Chinese School in Dubai, said: “I came to this country in March of this year, with the staff that came from China, I really feel like I am at home here. People are very friendly and life here is more comfortable than we expected.

"We are all very happy to live here. Everything is very comfortable and organized."

Yin said that during their Chinese National Day celebrations, school students and staff watched a short film on China's history on Wednesday.