returning life to normal
returning life to normal

Kuwait took a new step towards returning life to normal, as the cabinet decided yesterday to move to the second phase of a plan for the gradual return to normalcy, starting from next Tuesday, 30th, which constitutes the beginning of a breakthrough on the economic and eye levels that remains on the measures that the government will take to save the sector The private.

The economist and researcher writer, Mohamed Ramadan, said that opening shopping malls and retail stores would return to the residents of Kuwait a large part of their normal routine, and would also return more than 162,000 residents to their work.
Economic sources said: "The launch to the second phase will be a preliminary start for the fallout of the corona crisis effects on the sectors, and it will reduce the costs of the rescue and the repercussions resulting from it, such as losing jobs, reducing salaries and defaulting in rents."
The second stage of the return to life plan includes the resumption of government and private entities, whose current time is 30, with an employment card that does not exceed 30% of the workers.
The stage also includes reopening of malls, malls, parks, parks, restaurants and cafes to order without sitting.
In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers has revised the timing of the partial ban in the country from 8 pm to 5 am starting next Tuesday.