Burning a vehicle and death two resident men and a woman inside
Burning a vehicle and death two resident men and a woman inside

 A security source revealed that the accident occurred when the victim's vehicle was parked as a result of another traffic accident on Sheikh Street, and it was hit by a small saloon car, which led to its burning

Three Asian men and a woman died in a collision between four cars that resulted in the burning of the vehicle they were in, according to Director of the Dubai Police Center, Jebel Ali, Brigadier General Adel Al Suwaidi, who indicated that the accident occurred on Sheikh Zayed Road.

A division of Dubai Civil Defense immediately moved to the scene and started to extinguish the car, but was consumed by fire until it was completely charred by its passengers, while the rest of the cars, including the Nissan Patrol and the Hyundai saloon, were slightly damaged.

In detail, Brigadier Adel Al-Suwaidi said that the accident occurred in the area after "Parks and Resorts Park" in the direction leading from Abu Dhabi to Dubai from Sheikh Zayed Road.
He added, "The command and control center in Dubai Police received a notification about 4:40 minutes yesterday afternoon, of a severe collision between four cars, pointing out that the Jebel Center patrols moved immediately to the place, and worked to secure the accident area and traffic, and transport the deceased by ambulance." To the hospital.

The Swedish Brigadier called on all motorists to be careful and cautious while driving, to adhere to the legal speed limits on the streets, to maintain the safe distance between the vehicles, and not to be busy without the road.