Increase internet speed
Increase internet speed

Batelco today announced the extension of the period of increasing the internet speed until the end of February 2021, whereby all fiber customers will benefit from the double speeds for free and without any additional fees. ...


During the month of July of this year, the company decided to double the speeds of the fiber packages as a minimum twice and 5 times as a maximum depending on the customer's subscription package until the end of October of this year.

Double internet speeds allow customers high speed internet service thus enhancing the streaming, browsing and downloading experience. In addition, customers will be able to experience types of entertainment related to the Internet service, such as electronic games, movies, sports, video communication services, and social media platforms.

Note that Batelco confirmed today that it will offer these double speeds until the end of February of next year to existing Batelco fiber service customers and new customers as well.

On the occasion of announcing this initiative, Maytham Abdullah, Director General of the Consumer Sector, said: “Due to the positive responses we received regarding the initiative to increase Internet speeds from our customers, we decided to extend the period for an additional period until the end of February of next year.”

He added, “We are happy to announce that Batelco will continue to offer double speeds to customers, allowing them to have a different experience, especially during this period when an increasing number of people continue to work and study remotely.”

He concluded, saying: “I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and gratitude to the management of Bnet, the Bahrain National Broadband Company, who provided us with all the support and assistance to activate this service as required. "Bnet" is the company responsible for providing network services related to broadband to all licensed telecommunications companies, including Batelco.

It is worth noting that the speeds of fiber internet packages will be automatically upgraded for customers. Customers subscribing to 10Mbps fiber plans will be able to benefit from 20Mbps speed, 20Mbps customers at 40Mbps, and 30Mbps customers at 100Mbps, while 100Mbps customers will get 500Mbps speed.