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Bahrain expresses its solidarity with the Kingdom of Morocco against the attacks of the "Polisario" militias
Bahrain condemns the recent terrorist attack

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain expresses the support and solidarity of the Kingdom of Bahrain with the sisterly Kingdom of Morocco in defending its sovereignty, rights, safety and security of its lands and citizens in the area of ​​the Moroccan Guerguerat crossing within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty and the unity of Moroccan soil, and in accordance with international legitimacy.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its strong condemnation of the hostilities carried out by the "Polisario" militias and their dangerous provocations at the Guerguerat crossing in the Moroccan Sahara, which constitute a serious threat to the civil and commercial movement, and represent a violation of military agreements and an attempt to destabilize security and stability in the region, forcing the Kingdom of Morocco to launch Operation to restore traffic at this vital crossing, according to the authorities delegated to it, and in harmony with international legitimacy.