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The Kingdom of Bahrain announced the conditions that all travelers coming to the Kingdom of Bahrain through the King Fahd Causeway can enter Bahrain through

The conditions include the importance of undergoing a laboratory examination to detect the Coronavirus (Covid 19) on King Fahd Bridge and paying its cost of 60 Bahraini dinars, and downloading and registering in the “conscious society” application, in order to complete the required precautionary measures in this regard, and this procedure is excluded for those coming By showing the result of the test if it is negative, which was made before departure from Bahrain through the "conscious society" application, as it is valid for 72 hours from the time of the examination.
The Kingdom of Bahrain calls on all travelers coming to the Kingdom of Bahrain to adhere to all precautionary measures, and to adhere to all health instructions and guidelines issued by the concerned authorities in the Kingdom, with the need for them to adhere to the instructions for self-isolation until they obtain a negative result for the examination upon entry. In the event that the test result is positive, the traveler will be contacted by the relevant health authorities, and the traveler must continue to self-isolate and follow the instructions of the health authorities in the Kingdom.
The Kingdom of Bahrain also affirmed the need to adhere to the standards of social distancing, wear medical masks, and stay away from gatherings that would spread the virus and transmit infection among the various groups of society.
She noted that when any symptoms similar to a cold are noticed, such as headache, coughing, loss of sense of smell and taste, and sporadic pain in the body with high temperatures, the person must immediately isolate himself and call the number 444 and follow the instructions that will be given to him