An official source in the Meteorological Department of the Ministry of Communications and Communications warned that the Kingdom of Bahrain will be affected by a state of instability that begins late next Friday, and continues on Saturday and Sunday, where the chances of rain of varying intensity on most areas of the Kingdom on Sporadic periods.

The source added that these rains may be interspersed with some thunderstorm cells and accompanied by high-speed wind gusts leading to the disturbance of the sea and rising waves, then the clouds begin to gradually fade during the night period of Sunday and then the atmosphere stabilizes.

This is due to the passage of rapid atmospheric depressions on the upper atmosphere in conjunction with the movement of a cold and dry air mass close to the surface of the earth coming from areas near the Levant and its encounter with hot and humid others coming from the Arabian Sea lead to the formation of clouds on the north and center of Saudi Arabia and its movement Towards Bahrain, the increase in surface temperatures at this time of year contributes to increased instability.

For prevailing winds, it will be moderate-speed south-east and sometimes from active to high-speed.

The Meteorological Department noted that the weather will be not suitable for marine activities in the coming days, as this period of the year is characterized by frequent weather fluctuations and sudden changes in weather, which are known locally as "secrets" and frequently form debris clouds, especially during periods The evening leads to heavy thunderstorms, sometimes accompanied by very fast falling winds.

The Meteorological Department advised citizens and residents, especially seafarers, to take precautions during the period of weather fluctuations, and to follow official bulletins and warnings issued by the Meteorological Department through official channels.