Attorney General
Attorney General

The State Attorney General, Counselor Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, stated that he immediately ordered, yesterday evening, and based on the urgent report presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, documented with video clips, which included a group of young men raping a girl and spreading their crime on social media platforms, to conduct urgent investigations To get to the truth of the incident, the accused persons who committed it and the time and place of its commission.


In his statement, the State Prosecutor said, "The members of the investigation bureau managed very quickly to identify these elements, and the order was issued to arrest the accused and bring them, and Abu Dhabi Police were able on the same date to arrest and bring them, and they are currently undergoing extensive investigations under the direct supervision of the Attorney General." One who gets acquainted with the course of investigations.

The Public Prosecutor added that even if the incident was of a degree of gravity that is not acceptable to the society of the UAE, everyone should rest assured that the Public Prosecution in the United Arab Emirates is vigilant with the sword of law and the balance of justice to stand decisively against those who violate the morals and social values ​​rooted in the souls of the Emirati people, Public security is disturbed.

The Public Prosecutor assured citizens and residents that this incident is a rare anomaly in the behavior of some young people, and does not represent a phenomenon to be feared, and that the state authorities concerned with law enforcement and justice do not tolerate such incidents that harm society, and the state will remain a safe place in which people can enjoy peace and tranquility.

And I call upon all families and families to keep their eyes on their children to follow their concerns and behaviors, and to correct them in a way that preserves for the UAE society its cultural legacy of high morals and high manners.

The State Prosecutor assured that the perpetrators of this crime will be held accountable by law for their crime in a deterrent way to them and to others who may be tempted to violate the law and the values ​​and customs of the state, and prompt and just retribution will take place for the victim.