statement to all residents and citizens
statement to all residents and citizens

Important statement to all residents and citizens until mid July ... Details


Kuwaiti astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said that the Twibya season is the ninth season for the Suhail year (which begins on August 24) and enters today Saturday and consists of one star for 13 days and is called the second Al-Barah, which is the second place for the summer after the chandelier season.

Al-Saadoun stated in a statement that Al-Tuwaiba (from a follower) is the star of Aldebaran in the stellar group of the bull and its color is red and follows the chandelier and separates it from the stellar group the mighty or the hunter who tries to attack it according to myths.

He added that the followers have several names, including the follower of the star and the next star and the one-star (meaning the star is the star of the chandelier) and appointed the bull and the granddaughter of the Aldebaran because it takes the star of the chandelier (because it rises and sets west after it and in its path) and with it there is no shade in the areas near the latitude 23.5 degrees north of the equator due to The sun perpendicular to the course of the cancer.

He stated that, by following the summer entry, astronomically occurs on the north of the globe (by what is called the summer solstice) and the longest day during the year (in Kuwait is 14 hours and 3 minutes) and continues for 3 days and after that the day begins to decrease which is the period of the sun’s departure, that is, after it was vertical over the course of cancer She began to depart from it and head down to the equator.

He pointed to the saying of the Arabs: It is not free until after the departure (the following days after the summer solstice on June 21) and no cold except after the departure (the following days after the winter solstice on December 22).

Al-Saadoun indicated that this season the heat increases, and the hot, dry northwestern winds called Al-Buwarh, which are laden with dust, sometimes prevail when they are fast. The wind continues until mid-July and its days are short-winded.