Arresting a beggar
Arresting a beggar

It seems that all the begging and swindling of this woman did not convince her to stop practicing her profession, which she was accustomed to, because it is an easy and rewarding profession, and it is the reason for the wealth that she has attained.


In detail, the security services arrested a woman on charges of begging and fraud, who claimed that she had an amputation in one of her legs, and she sat on a wheelchair in separate places in several governorates, begging for citizens.

The security investigations reported that a woman was seen begging from citizens, claiming to be paralyzed and disabled, and sitting in a wheelchair.

Eyewitnesses said that the woman was seen walking on her feet after she finished begging.
After the investigation of the 57-year-old woman called "Nafisa", it was found that she did not have any diseases.

It was also found that it owns 5 residential buildings in the governorates of Gharbia and Qalyubia, in addition to an amount of money in two banks of approximately 3 million pounds.

The authorities have drawn up a report on the incident, which is being presented to the Public Prosecution.