Federal for Human Resources
Federal for Human Resources

Today, Sunday, the Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources issued the UAE guideline for dealing with infected persons, contacts or suspected of having symptoms of the Corona virus, at workplaces in federal agencies, which comes as a complement to all the guides and circulars issued by the authority regarding the precautionary measures for dealing with Epidemics in general, and Corona in particular.


"The guide aims to ensure the safety of the premises and the work environment from outbreaks of diseases and epidemics, and to establish a mechanism for dealing with employees infected with the Coronavirus in the workplace, as well as suspected cases or cases in contact with infected persons, and to educate federal authorities and their employees of the procedures to be followed in cases of infection," the authority stated. Suspicion, and confusion with clarifying the roles and responsibilities of those involved in this regard.

The authority indicated that “all federal authorities should respond and deal with confirmed or suspected cases of Corona by taking a set of measures, including: Providing the necessary logistical support to protect employees and customers, including adherence to all measures and precautionary measures issued periodically by the competent authorities In the country, and coordination with health institutions to transfer the injured or suspected of being infected in the workplace to hospitals to conduct the necessary checks, to identify those in contact with confirmed and suspected cases, and to isolate the injured and suspects in the places designated for temporary health isolation in the workplace until they are transferred to the hospital.

Other measures that the federal authorities must take in this regard include supporting the employees ’commitment to guidelines for prevention and hygiene, ensuring the availability of appropriate health requirements according to the nature of the entity’s work, and spreading and educating employees and dealers and continuously informing them of all developments related to the precautionary measures and measures. By using the available technical means.

The guide defines a set of responsibilities entrusted to the human resources departments in the ministries and federal entities, including isolating the injured or suspected employee in the places designated for temporary health isolation in the workplace, and communicating directly with the concerned health authorities and reporting the case, and implementing all procedures that are requested from Prior to the competent health authorities until he is transferred by health care professionals and obtain his data, and the evacuation of employees and dealers from the work area or office of the injured person and inform them in the event of their contact with the injured person, while ensuring that the rest of the employees do not mix with the case.