expatriate in UAE gets 192,000 dirhams
expatriate in UAE gets 192,000 dirhams

An employee's contract was arbitrarily terminated without prior notice, and he would receive 192,000 dirhams in the form of unpaid wages, bonuses and compensation.

Abu Dhabi Labor Appeal Court upheld a previous ruling by the court of first instance that the company was guilty of unfair dismissal. But the Supreme Court reduced the amount of compensation from 113 to 267 dirhams.

The newcomer, who was paid a monthly salary of 24,000 dirhams, said he did not receive his salary or any end-of-service benefits.

He demanded his late wages, annual leave allowances, warning allowances, overtime, and compensation for unfair dismissal. The employee also requested an experience certificate from the previous employer.

An accountant expert appointed by the Court of Appeal said that the total payable salary was 100 thousand dirhams, the leave allowance was 4000 dirhams, and the end of service bonus was 33 thousand dirhams. The remainder of the amount granted to him is compensation for unfair dismissal.

The court ruled that the appellant did not provide evidence of his entitlement to overtime allowance and other claims.

The judge also said that compensation for unfair dismissal is decided by the judicial authorities "to ensure justice and fairness between all parties."