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As part of the measures taken by the Emirate to reduce the financial burden on car owners ... an exception is made from paying traffic fines when renewing the property.

The Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at the General Department of Central Operations in Ras Al-Khaimah Police, member of the Federal Traffic Council in the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier Ahmed Al-Sam Al-Naqbi, revealed a violation exception from paying the irrigated fines when renewing the property without a technical examination.

He explained, that the violation of the red traffic lights that have a financial traffic fine of one thousand dirhams and a vehicle reservation for one month or 3,000 dirhams, and 12 traffic points were excluded from paying the traffic violations for a period of three months, and starting from Sunday, 22 March 2020, indicating that the traffic fines remain The driver of the vehicle must have the traffic file and the traffic code and can pay it in the next renewal, in case the driver wants to renew the ownership of his vehicle in the smart application or website without a technical examination.

He pointed out that in the past the perpetrators of this violation had to pay the traffic fine through the smart application or the website, but the reservation of the vehicle and the traffic points required the driver of the vehicle to go to the service center to clear the transaction.

He added, during his participation in one studio program on Radio (Abu Dhabi FM), that the Federal Traffic Council met under the chairmanship of the Assistant Commander in Chief for Operations Affairs in Dubai Police, Chairman of the Council Major General Eng. Mohammed Saif Al-Zafin, in the presence of all members, and a decision of the Ministry of Interior to renew the ownership of the finished vehicles was discussed Without the need to review service centers during the next three months, and from Sunday March 22, 2020, using smart applications, excluding traffic violations, vehicle reservations, traffic points and technical examination.

He pointed out that the decisions came in support of the precautionary and preventive measures to preserve the safety of auditors and service providers in the service centers of the Ministry of the Interior, and he continued that the renewal of the property is linked to insurance and the expiration of the license, and that if the license is expired and its leader wants to find it and the vehicle, the exception occurs on the vehicle and the violation remains On the driver's passcode.

He stated that renewing the vehicles is one of the most reviewed services in the service centers at the state level, and that, according to the directions, payment of violations, transfer of traffic points and technical examination of expired vehicles after the date of October 1, 2019, for a period of six months, i.e. not to exceed the period of expiry of vehicle ownership for six Months, in compliance with traffic safety conditions and to ensure the vehicle's validity.