Minister of Immigration
Minister of Immigration

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad, commented on the attack on an Egyptian doctor in Kuwait, and cut off part of her tongue while she was performing her work, stressing that a quarrel really occurred without infringing an Egyptian citizen, who in turn wrote a report at the police station.


The Minister of Immigration said, in response to a publication of the “Emigrant Welfare Association,” which rejected the statements indicating that the event is an individual act, and has nothing to do with hatred and hatred between Egypt and Kuwait, by saying: “I say to the Association for Emigrant Welfare : Be kind to the homeland!”

"The Egyptian citizen is fine and there is no truth to what is being circulated by this association on social networking sites to mislead the public," Makram added in a post on her account on the social networking site Facebook.

And the minister continued: “In response to the sentence: Shall we say an individual action, and long live the crescent, the cross and the ringing slogans? Our salvation is bored from it and we are full of drumming, ”Oh, it is an individual, non-patriotic act of the aforementioned association.

An Egyptian doctor working in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Eastern Clinic in the State of Kuwait was attacked by insulting and beating a Kuwaiti citizen, and part of her tongue was cut off.