An Australian tourist wins a million dollars in a raffle draw
An Australian tourist wins a million dollars in a raffle draw

Eleanor Patterson, a 61-year-old Australian citizen, always believed number 3 would bring her luck. So, always choose a Dubai Duty Free (DDF) lottery ticket number 3 and join the draw every 3 months. ...


 She won the top prize of $ 61 million on Wednesday.

"Thank you, Dubai, Dubai Duty Free, my perseverance and lucky number have finally paid off," said Patterson, who lives in Perth.

Her ticket number 0353, which she bought online on October 19, won the grand prize during the DDF Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draws, which were held on Wednesday at Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport.

Patterson is a regular participant in the DDF Draw for 10 years now, and is the fifth Australian to win a million dollars since the inception of the Millennium Millionaire Show in 1999.

Winners of luxury motorcycles

Besides the new millionaire, two other luxury motorcycles won in the DDF Finest Surprise draw

Shane Carroll, a 35-year-old Indian expat based in Dubai, won the Moto Josie Eldorado (Russo) award.

"Is this a coincidence or just luck? I just told my wife that I would win today, and I took your call at the same time. I am very happy and forever grateful to the Dubai Duty Free," said Carole, who has worked in a bank and has lived in the emirate for five years now.

Alia Malakani, a 28-year-old Syrian national who lives in Al Ain, won the Harley-Davidson Sportster.

She is the mother of a child and has been living in Al Ain for three years, and Malkani has participated in the promotional campaign for a year now. “Thanks Dubai Duty Free so much! I have great confidence in your promotion and I knew I was going to win one day.”