Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Interior

Kuwaiti Coast Guard officers seized two people of Asian nationality who infiltrated the country and were in possession of narcotic substances. ...


The General Administration for Security Relations and Information at the Ministry of Interior stated that as part of the efforts of the Maritime Border Security Sector in controlling outlaws and protecting the maritime borders, the Coast Guard officers were able to arrest two persons of Asian nationality after being monitored by the radar security system in the Coast Guard operations room when they entered the water.

The coastal guard patrols immediately moved to the naval target, and they were dealt with and forced to stop.
The administration said that after the investigation with them, it was found that they had entered the country secretly with the intention of bringing an amount of narcotic substances into the country, so the Maritime Security Patrol was directed to the site to inspect the area and found 7 bags that were pulled out from the sea floor containing 184 sealed pieces that are suspected Narcotic substances.
They were referred, along with the seized items, to the competent authority, to take all necessary legal measures against them.