Alert to UAE residents
Alert to UAE residents

According to travel and tourism experts, a global travel protocol with concrete action plans and enhanced coordination between private and government entities will instill confidence among people to travel more.


Elie Tabashouri, head of the public sector and Telco at Google Mena, said the standard travel protocol adopted by all governments is the best solution to optimize recovery efforts at the sector level.

"The difficulty with governments agreeing to this is that each government has its own sovereignty, so no one can impose something that they do not want," he said.

Another fact is that travel and tourism are more important to some countries than to others. "

Tabashouri added, "Dubai depends on tourism and they are ready to take this extra mile to move forward. It is a big challenge, but I don't see that cooperation between the private and public sectors alone is sufficient. This needs to be government to government."

Peter Braun, chief communications officer, said the technology has played a key role in speeding up operations for would-be travelers. “Our digital transformation project has been accelerated.

We offer more visas to the doorstep. We go to people's homes where they can do biometrics and apps on devices. Our clients can also download applications in advance before going to the biometrics visa application center.

"We have seen more governments saying yes to this and agreeing to it. This was much more difficult before the pandemic and it is a positive shift that we are seeing. Governments are looking at these advantages and cooperating more on this now," Brown added.

Weddings are on the rise and are "a new normal travel trend," says Niraj Seth, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, Kandima Resort.

He added that smaller groups traveling together is another trend. "Larger groups now occupy the back seat. People travel with their immediate families and not in extended groups. Confidence is more within the family, where you have complete control with regard to sharing things. Another trend is travelers choosing to travel without their children," said Seth.

Leisure travel will return first before the corporate travel, after considering Jackie Ellenby, Executive Director of Marketing and Events, Global Village. “The only sector that may not be fully returned is travel.

I think exhibitions and trade fairs will return. But for the meetings, I feel people have seen how easy it is to meet online and this may continue. You must necessarily hop on a plane and hop across the world for a two-hour meeting. This saves cost and time. "