Cancel quarantine for travelers
Cancel quarantine for travelers

Aviation authorities have suggested that safely reopening borders without quarantines using a coordinated approach to testing is required.


The Airports Council Worldwide and the International Air Transport Association reiterated their call on Tuesday to drop the quarantine of travelers and use the test as a way to safely reopen borders as airports and airlines are expected to lose nearly 2 trillion dirhams in revenue this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Data from ACI World and Iata showed that airports and airlines will lose $ 104.5 billion and $ 419 billion, respectively, for a total of $ 523.5 billion ($ 1.921 trillion) in 2020.

"Safely reopening borders without quarantine, using a coordinated approach to testing, will boost the entire economy and be the revenue lifeline for airlines and airports," the aviation authorities said on Tuesday.

"ACI and Iata are in line in calling for urgent government action to introduce widespread and coordinated testing of travelers to enable removal of quarantine requirements. Without this measure, it is no exaggeration that the industry faces collapse," Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ACI World's general manager said during a conference Virtual journalist on Tuesday.

“We need to take quick action. Large parts of the global air network have been severely torn apart for more than half a year. Job losses - in and out of the industry - are increasing with every day the borders are closed. With all the recovery jobs lost,” Alexandre de Juniac said, The General Manager and CEO of IATA, during the conference, "The impact on the wider economy is becoming more difficult. Momentum is building to support the test of reopening the borders."