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National and regional companies have opened reservations on their websites from specific dates, in preparation for the resumption of passenger flights in both directions.

The sources said that the schedules of reservations on the airline sites are constantly changing depending on the developments of the current situation, and if reservations were made based on these tables and travel was not permitted, the ticket owners will be subject to a set of options that include changing the reservation date or obtaining a voucher for the value of the ticket provided that the reservation is made Later.

According to the "Al Bayan" survey, the normal schedule for Air Arabia two-way reservations is from May 15th

The monitoring showed that the ticket prices remain lower than the normal peak season prices for the summer at various destinations, despite the high demand in light of the increased volume of seat capacity provided by national carriers.

A spokesman for Etihad Airways said that although a number of flights can still be booked from May 16 onwards, the existing suspension will remain the same, and Etihad will announce any change that may occur in the future.

The sources said that the reservation schedules are already in place and that allowing reservations does not mean traveling on the same date because the airline may cancel the reservation a day or two or more before the date of travel.

She added that the airlines always strive to be fully prepared in the event that decisions were taken regarding the resumption of travel, as these reservations benefit airlines in providing the liquidity they may need during the current period in the conduct of their operational operations.

She said that most regional airlines opened flight reservations according to dates dating back to their estimates, noting that the existence of these reservations will remain subject to the return of air traffic after the approval of the official authorities and authorized to operate air traffic.

She pointed out that there is an increasing demand for flights, which prompted companies to open their reservations, especially since there are many individuals who wish to resume their business, and pointed out that there is a yearning for travel, which raises the demand steadily after stopping for about two months, and therefore there will be an increase in Ticket prices.