Air Arabia announces ending services employees
Air Arabia announces ending services employees

One of the airline companies in the Emirates has announced layoffs and layoffs of its employees due to the current conditions of stopping the flight and there are no operational flights as they were before.

A spokesman for Air Arabia Group said: "In a precedent that is the first of its kind in the course of our career and as a result of the current reality in the market, we unfortunately had to take the decision to lay off a limited number of our employees this week."

The spokesman added that:

"Since the beginning of the Corona virus crisis, we have been quick to take a set of measures to protect the functions of our team and ensure the continuity of our work at the same time, and we will definitely continue to do our utmost to protect our employees by keeping layoffs at a minimum, with this step being the last possible solution."

He continued: "The repercussions of (Covid 19) affected the entire aviation sector, and imposed on airlines around the world to resort to the request for support and to tighten internal procedures to ensure business continuity."