The General Administration of Civil Aviation "Meteorology Department" said in an air notification that clouds are expected to multiply during the next hours, with the chance of scattered rain, sometimes thunderstorms, accompanied by active dusty winds that may decrease horizontal visibility and waves rise to 6 feet or more.


The astronomer said: From today there will be 21 days left until the end of the marking period after which “Al-Murabaniah” will enter, which begins on December 5 of each year.


During the coming period, we must take caution and beware of the cold air gusts expected to blow in the evening and move away as much as possible from summer clothes.

We will see winter clothes appear especially for the elderly, and there is an astronomical phenomenon that will occur, on the 29th of this month, the sun will be in the direction of the qiblah with the time of the afternoon call to prayer, and a lunar eclipse will occur on the 30th of this month, as this eclipse will occur in the Pacific region and the two American continents.