cancellation of sponsorship system
cancellation of sponsorship system

After the spread of the Corona Virus crisis in Kuwait, all sectors of all kinds were affected and the government was forced to take all preventive measures and precautionary measures, as it suspended work in the public and private sectors and suspended public and private schools and universities.

He issued a decision to suspend expatriate appointments during this period of the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), whereby the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs M. Walid Al-Jasem directed the executive branch of the municipality to suspend the appointment of arrivals.

The minister affirmed that dispensing with expatriates in the municipality had begun, and that he would not back down from the policy of replacing Kuwaitis and would not respond to any pressure.

In the same context, Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs, Dahham Al-Shammari, revealed that work on abolishing the sponsorship system is nearing completion and will be activated in the near future.

This is to get rid of fake companies that trade in residencies, refer them to the jurisdiction, and finalize their files.