solution for examining corona
solution for examining corona

Since the emergence of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), many countries have conducted thousands of experiments to obtain a vaccine that protects people from this dreaded virus.

Other countries have discovered a treatment that reduces the symptoms of the virus and converts its results from positive to negative, and the UAE recently discovered a way to treat Corona patients through the stem cells of those recovering from the virus.

Weet has also developed and manufactured a PCR KIT test solution for virus diagnosis, and has produced amazing results and accurate diagnostic results for the developer solution that outperforms the importer.

It requires taking a sample from the patient and mixing it with a solution called PCR KIT, which was developed in Kuwait from national hands.

In detail, the Ministry of Health has started forming a research team for the possibility of developing and manufacturing the solution locally and has already succeeded with Kuwaiti patriotic hands and challenged the virus that caused the so-called corona virus (Covid 19).