Abu Dhabi Police warns motorists against paying traffic fines
Abu Dhabi Police warns motorists against paying traffic fines

Issuance a new decision after a comprehensive study aimed at curbing reckless driving behavior as the police are urging motorists in Abu Dhabi to keep a tab on their traffic violations because when these fines exceed 7000 dirhams, their cars will be booked, as the police have warned.


Booking vehicles that were left unclaimed for three months will also be sold at auction.

Abu Dhabi Police said in an advisory report published on Twitter: “The total traffic fines exceeding 7,000 dirhams must be settled in full.

The car will remain withheld until the fines are paid. It will be auctioned after a maximum of three months, if this happens. Owner unclaimed. "

The police reminded motorists that they can pay the fines in one-year installments without interest. This can be done through five banks, including Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Mashreq Bank and Emirates Islamic Bank.

The seizure penalty for excessive fines is part of a new decision issued in September. The new policy listed a number of offenses punishable by detention in addition to fines of up to 50,000 dirhams.

Brigadier Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, Director of the Central Operations Sector at Abu Dhabi Police, said earlier that the new decision to seize vehicles came after a comprehensive study aimed at reducing reckless driving behavior and making roads safer for everyone.

According to the new decision, when a car is sold at auction and its value is less than the fines due, the balance will be added to the violator's fine and the violation will not be canceled.