Abu Dhabi Police
Abu Dhabi Police

With the onset of winter, it is natural for people to pull out a chair and sit on their balconies. In a preemptive move, Abu Dhabi Police on Friday urged families to be vigilant and ensure that balconies will be off limits to children. ...


Through a video posted on their social media account, police have warned people of the dangers of leaving chairs or other furniture on their balcony.

With an open window or door to the balcony, children - when left unattended - can climb onto the chair and try to catch glimpses of the scenery outside. This can be dangerous because it can lose balance and fall.

Watch the children closely. Keep furniture away from windows. Police said, "Close the windows and doors."

They stressed that parents and caregivers should always supervise children because they can easily carry a small stool from room to balcony if the windows or doors remain open.

"Close windows when not in use. Close tightly as children can open most sliding windows easily."

The police also urged families to install metal bars and safety locks on the windows.