Cancel the black points for more than 700 drivers
Cancel the black points for more than 700 drivers

A total of 764 drivers of vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi took advantage of traffic point reduction courses and recovered their driving licenses during the past nine months of 2020.


Colonel Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Braiki, Director of Police Control and Community Security Care at Abu Dhabi Police, affirmed the Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to enhance security and community awareness by adopting traffic safety regulations and requirements and supporting them with a driver training program to enhance safety.

He explained that the program, which is conducted in Arabic, English and Urdu languages, focuses on training violators of the traffic law by enrolling them in specialized lectures and courses, noting that drivers can participate in the program only once a year, with eight traffic points deducted after that. Completion for those with 23 or fewer Pass Points.

He added that drivers who have 24 crossing points will usually confiscate their licenses and suspend them for a period of three months, but will be exempted if they pass the training course, noting that the program continues during the Covid-19 pandemic.
 He added that the number of registered drivers has decreased, and they have been contacted in their native languages ​​to ensure compliance with precautionary and preventive measures.

He pointed out that the program works to increase drivers' awareness of the importance of safe driving, teach them how to deal with traffic points and promote positive behaviors to avoid suspending their licenses.

Al-Breiki urged drivers to follow traffic laws and regulations to avoid fines and seize vehicles, as well as to protect the safety of everyone.