A restaurant serving free food in the UAE
A restaurant serving free food in the UAE

Shagat Ali and his wife, Aisha Abrar, had no confusion about what to do with leftovers at their newly opened, blue collar-focused restaurant : Hand it to the needy. ...

They closed early at 10pm compared to most other restaurants in the vicinity, and they kept one counter open until late with free and hot meal packages ready for anyone in need and couldn't buy a meal.

The couple launched the Biryani Spot, near National Paints in Sharjah, just over a month ago after seeing blue-collar workers struggle to buy a decent meal without burning a hole in their pockets. Earlier, I was a partner in a restaurant on another project, where we launched a charitable initiative to feed around 8,000 people in need. "I realized that most workers barely have affordable meal options," says Schogat.

Since some extra food is left in each restaurant at the end of the day, Shagath's wife Aisha suggested they distribute the leftover food that was untouched by anyone who would like to take advantage of a free meal.

Shgath says that at least 20 people eat in excess at the end of the day.

“We pack our bags and give to anyone who comes and knocks our door after 10 p.m. A number of families, taxi drivers and blue collar workers are shyly coming in to order food because they seem unsure of the details they might have to reveal but we have a strict policy of never asking any "We are concerned about the number of members who want food for them and we simply give up the food packages. I am glad that many people have called to ask if they can help us distribute food to the needy in their areas."

He defines a profit squad differently, which is what prompted him to start a business during the pandemic.

Typically companies are looking to make 60 to 70 percent profit from whatever they sell. My goal is to provide food for all kinds of people. The deeper our reach, the better for our business. For me, reaching more people equals profit. "

The restaurant offers a full chicken biryani dish for 8 dirhams. A large Pakistani tea and paratha meal will cost 2 dirhams; Most non-vegetarian dishes cost less than 5 dirhams, while dal (lentils) and vegetables cost between 2 dirhams and 3 dirhams. We also offer the cheapest 3-times mess service in an eco-friendly thermos meal (keeps food hot for ten hours) for just 250 dirhams a month - a service welcomed by many workers who live in Sharjah. "

"I have experience in the food and beverage industry and I intend to help everyone afford a healthy meal while keeping my job. Blue collar workers need to be able to eat cardio meals at the lowest possible price."

"Explore your good side and you will find ways to serve the community. The most important thing is your intention. Your moral support and compassion will do much to others."