restaurant in Sharjah sells kebabs for only 5 dirhams
restaurant in Sharjah sells kebabs for only 5 dirhams

The son of the owner of the restaurant says: "My father's desire was to make food accessible to everyone so that no one has to sleep on an empty stomach. It is easy to drive your car next to the evening cafeteria on Sharq Street in Sharjah in the crowded Bu Tinah area without even pressing the eyelid." .


There's nothing spectacular in a shabby ground floor restaurant with a kitchen stocked with all the ready-to-cook grubs and a dining hall large enough for only about eight with the Covid rules in place today - divided by a wall with an open window greeting guests.

The yellow sign above the entrance, which was once bright, has lost all its luster over the years but step inside and you get a whiff of the little heirloom that Hafeez Rahman has been closely guarding for over a decade now - the scent of fresh fried beef, all in exchange. 5 dirhams.

The son said, "My customers are satisfied and this gives me happiness. What more could I ask for?" Says the 36-year-old, who now runs the small restaurant his father started about 24 years ago.

“In 1996, when I started helping my father, there was nothing special here except for a few villas in this area. But more than locals, we were catering to the taxi drivers, who would usually stop by for a quick meal on their way to pick up customers. Or drive them in. Then the happy taxi drivers started taking our story further, making us finally famous even in other emirates. "

“My father’s desire was to make food affordable for everyone, so no one would have to sleep on an empty stomach. Even if the ingredients became more expensive, our kebab price remained largely unchanged,” he says, recalling how in 1996 it was sold Kebabs for 3 dirhams before raising the dirham price to 4 dirhams in 2007 and then to 5 dirhams in 2017.

"It's been that way for the past three years or so," he adds with a chuckle.

“We want to provide clean and healthy food to our customers. We make all the food in front of the customers. Every customer who has a kebab here is back happy and with more kebabs for families,” he admits while talking about a recipe of fresh ground beef, paprika from India and Pakistani spices. "This makes it a unique story between India and Pakistan as well," he adds with a smile that gives off some warmth that you might not find in a restaurant with one or more Michelin stars.