reduce municipal fees
reduce municipal fees

The head of the Finance and Legal Committee of the Northern Municipal Council, Zeina Jassim, said that the committee had submitted a proposal to include a reduction in municipal fees for furnished buildings and apartments rented to Bahraini families, and to treat them like Bahraini families who live in housing owned by them.

Zeina explained that some citizens applied to reduce municipal fees on apartments and villas furnished and rented by them - as a single residence - through the website of the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, but their request was rejected on the grounds that the reduction does not include fully furnished properties.

Zeina stated that the executive regulations of the Municipalities Law stipulated in Article No. (49) of Clause (A) that municipal fees be imposed on buildings and furnished apartments that are rented, and in Item (B) the percentage of fees was specified and did not exclude Bahraini families, so - at the present time - the list cannot be violated. Thus it is difficult to fulfill the desire of these citizens.

But Zeina added that the committee believed that this desire could be fulfilled by amending some items in Articles (48) and (49) of the executive regulations so that they would be treated as Bahraini families who reside in homes owned by them.

Zeina indicated that Clause (b) of Article No. (48) of the Executive Regulations stipulates that “Subject to the provisions of the Minister of Housing, Municipalities and Environment Resolution No. (3) of 1999 regarding the reduction of some municipal fees, unfurnished buildings and apartments rented to Bahraini families are treated as Bahraini families who live in houses owned by them ... », meaning that the furnished buildings and apartments whose monthly rent exceeds 200 dinars per month - and if they are rented to Bahraini families and are considered their only housing - then they are not included in the decision to reduce the municipal fees, and therefore they are obliged to pay A rate of 7% to 7.5%.