Safaa Al-Hashem
Safaa Al-Hashem

Expatriates in Kuwait used to attack and critically criticize Kuwaiti MP Safaa Al-Hashem, as she always demands the disposal of expatriates and the end of their services in the country. To return to normal life without these procedures.


Representative Safaa Al-Hashem submitted a proposal today to solve the imbalance in the demographics and the increasing number of arrivals after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

She added: The formation of a joint committee by the relevant government agencies to issue a decision by the Council of Ministers to consider the current demographics of the country and its effects and develop plans

The proposal states:

1- No renewal of residence permits for immigrants over the age of 60 years, and no exceptions are given for transferring residency.

2- The deportation of all the arrivals in psychiatric hospitals, which reduces the burden on the Ministry of Health and also the financial costs after receiving statements showing us the value of the medicines that were disbursed to them.

3- Deporting every beggar who is arrested along with his family, and deporting him from the country, and fining the sponsor who brought him into the country.

4- Issuing a circular at the earliest time from the Council of Ministers that it is strictly forbidden for a foreigner to work with more than one job in addition to his basic work and his commitment to the job stipulated in his next private work contract.