A new symptoms of corona
A new symptoms of corona

Doctors in Spain said today that a type of rash inside the mouth appears when people with corona virus appear before well-known conventional symptoms appear.


Researchers led by Dr. Juan Jiménez Cohe, from Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid, examined 21 patients diagnosed with "Covid-19" and the accompanying rash, among whom, six patients (29%) had inflammation in their mouths.

The team said that the infected patients were aged between 40 and 69 years and 4 out of 6 women. According to "Russia Today".

The rash appeared two days before other Covid-19 symptoms appeared 24 days later, with an average time of about 12 days after the symptoms appeared.

In most cases, the rash does not appear to be associated with any medication that patients take, which reinforces the idea that it is a disease caused by the new Corona virus that has caused red spots.