meteor falls on an Indonesian youth
meteor falls on an Indonesian youth

An Indonesian working in the manufacture of coffins turned into a millionaire in moments, after a meteor weighing more than 2 kg fell on his house, and its value is estimated at 1.8 million dollars. ...


The British newspaper "Metro" quoted Indonesian media as saying that Joshua Hotagaling, 33, was making a coffin outside his home in Kolang, northern Indonesia, when the stone fell and penetrated the roof of the house to settle inside the room.

The newspaper pointed out that the stone weighs 2.1 kg and is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years old, noting that it is a very rare type, and its value is about 1.4 million pounds ($ 1.8 million).

She added that Joshua, who is a father of three, had a price of stone equivalent to his income for about 30 years.

Joshua said, "When I touched the stone it was still hot and realized that it had fallen from space, because it is impossible for anyone to have thrown it at my house."