Imposing a fine on an Arab resident of 250 thousand dirhams
Imposing a fine on an Arab resident of 250 thousand dirhams

A court in Abu Dhabi has ordered a young man to pay a fine of 250,000 dirhams for sending insulting and abusive messages to a woman via WhatsApp.


The Arab man was also required to pay 20 thousand dirhams to the woman as compensation for the damage she suffered.

According to official court documents, the young Arab woman filed a complaint with the authorities accusing the man of sending offensive and insulting texts to her via WhatsApp.

It also provided the police with the offensive messages it had received from the defendant.

After investigating the matter, prosecutors referred the case to court for violating the Information Technology Use Act.

The Abu Dhabi Misdemeanor Court had previously sentenced the man to a fine of 250,000 dirhams after he was found guilty of violating the Internet law.

The woman was required to file a civil case against the man to demand compensation for the material and moral damages she suffered as a result of the wrongful act.

The civil court of first instance ordered the young man to pay compensation of 20 thousand dirhams to the woman, but she appealed the ruling because she was not satisfied with the amount.

However, the appealing civil court upheld compensation payments of 20 thousand dirhams to the woman.

Besides paying compensation, the Arab man also has to pay a fine of Dh250,000 for his conviction for the offensive WhatApp messages.

Article 20 of Federal Law Number 5 2020 regarding combating cybercrime states that a person is liable to punishment if he commits crimes using the Internet or any form of information technology.

UAE law imposes a prison sentence or a fine of not less than 250,000 dirhams and not more than 500,000 dirhams, or both penalties for anyone who publishes offensive comments online or sends defamatory and defamatory messages to others via the Internet.