A law requiring employers in UAE to pay a reward to employees
A law requiring employers in UAE to pay a reward to employees

If the employer demands that the employee be kept under quarantine, the company or institution may be obligated to compensate the employee for the period during which he remained under quarantine and the quarantine period may be calculated as a sick leave.

This applies under Article 83 of the Labor Law, which states :

“The worker who becomes ill after completing three months of continuous service for the employer, after the probationary period, is entitled to a sick leave not exceeding 90 days, respectively or otherwise, with respect to each year of service, calculated as follows :

 First 15 days: full pay
Next 30 days: at half pay
Any subsequent periods: without pay

It can be noted that since the employer requires the employees to use their annual leave throughout the quarantine period, they may be entitled to the annual leave bonus, which includes the basic salary and housing allowance if possible as part of the annual leave salary, according to Article 78 of the Labor Law which states On :

"Every employee has the right to his basic salary and housing allowance, if possible, regarding his annual leave days."

Corona virus testing is free for suspected people with the virus, as the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development announced that it provides a free test for employees.

In this case, the employer is responsible for providing health insurance to all of his employees according to Article 5 of the Abu Dhabi Health Insurance System, which states:

"Every business owner must provide health insurance coverage for all of his employees and family members, including the employee's wife and three children under the age of 18."

In conclusion from the above mentioned laws, the employer can be contacted and demand compensation for the annual leave during the quarantine period. If the employer refuses to pay a reward and also deducts the virus test fee from the reward, you can contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and file a complaint against him.