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Prosecutors in the United Arab Emirates have warned that residents who post abusive and defamatory comments on the Internet face prison sentences and fines of up to 500,000 dirhams.


The penalty also applies to those who send such messages to fellow social media users.

The Federal Public Prosecution said in its latest publication for public awareness: “The law imposes prison sentences and / or a fine ranging between 250,000 and 500,000 dirhams for anyone who publishes offensive comments online or sends defamation and defamation messages to others via the Internet.

“Article 20 of Federal Law No. 5 2020 regarding combating cybercrime states that a person shall be punished if he commits crimes using the Internet or any form of information technology.”

Public prosecutors in Abu Dhabi reported last year that the number of people being tried for social media abuse had increased dramatically.

Officials released figures showing that they dealt with 512 cases of social media abuse in 2019 compared to 357 cases in 2018. About 392 cases were recorded in 2017.

Harassment online; Extortion, threats and extortion. Posting and disseminating false information; Infringement of others' privacy; Posting and posting offensive and insulting comments; Post false advertisements and rumors; Insult, slander and incitement to commit crimes; Fraud was among the major violations.

Amer Al-Amiri from the Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi explained during a forum that misuse of social media is "an intentional expression or act on the part of any person or entity that the average person considers offensive or infringes the honor or dignity of that person or entity." It also includes committing any other actions online that are punishable by law, such as posting photos without permission and any use of technology that violates someone else's privacy.